I look forward to every session, which is varied and challenging. Mike is a great motivator and really helps in getting the most out of each exercise. A must for all.

S. McKenzie

I wouldn’t have been able to progress the way I have without Mike’s dedication and support. He helps create a programme to suit your needs and end goal, adapting it as you progress, or as your needs or goals change. With this help, I have reached my own goal of a size 14 and this, added to previous weight loss, means I’ve lost over 10 stone in total and six dress sizes. His encouragement has helped me discover a love of running I never would have thought existed and his continued commitment means that I know he’ll help me reach my full potential.

Charlotte Hooson-Sykes

I participate in triathlons’ and had a goal to increase my strength and general fitness without bulking up. I popped in to Core and had a chat with Dave in relation to my aspirations and we discussed the general outlines of a programme, there was no hard sell and I felt very comfortable that Dave had my best interests at heart and wasn’t just trying to make a quick buck like some other trainers I had spoken to. I have also used the Oxygen Training, which I have found boosted my endurance significantly, on a recent weekend cycling I raced uphill’s which would have previously had me puffing and panting, which is testimony in itself to the effectiveness of the technique! I always find the atmosphere at Core very friendly and welcoming and I enjoy training there. I can highly recommend the services of Dave and the team.

Mark, Managing Director

As a PE teacher I have quite an active job and was often too tired or disinterested in exercising myself. As Chris’s sessions are always fun with plenty of variety I now find myself looking forward to training.

Becky, Teacher

Since training with Chris I feel more energized and far more productive throughout the day. My fitness levels have increased dramatically and i’m a lot happier with my overall health and wellbeing.

Tom, Customer Development Manager

I worked with Chris as a player during my time at the Salford City Reds and found him to be an extremely knowledgeable person. As a Strength and Conditioner his player management and communication skills were excellent and this resulted in motivating players to perform the well researched training programs he constructed. I would recommend Chris to anyone.

Mark, Professional Rugby League player

Chris is a highly knowledgeable, intelligent and a very professional trainer. The sessions we did were always tough and fun whilst still allowing me to meet and surpass all of the targets we set during the needs analysis assessment. It was a pleasure being trained by Chris.

David, Self-Employed

David is a great personal trainer he has worked his magic in guiding me on the right path to getting fitter and into better shape. Through his expertise and advice I have learned to have a positive attitude towards exercise and enjoy his fun challenges he sets for me. Before I met David I had no motivation to exercise now I always look forward to my next personal training session with him.

Halina, Receptionist

Dave really knows what he’s talking about and outlined very clear and achievable goals for the start. I’ve been with Dave for 8-9months now and I’ve never felt more confident or happier with my fitness and appearance. I’ve smashed my targets and we’re raising the bar to things I’d never dreamed of doing before I started. 

Dave really goes the extra mile in getting me motivated and focused; he’s even taken his free time an days off to help me out.

Dan, Don’t Touch Me Productions

David was a great rehabilitator to work with. He understands the specific needs and goals of athletes, and tailors his treatments to fit each person’s unique situation. I am very happy with the results from my time with David and would highly recommend him to anyone suffering from a sports injury or looking to improve their sports performance.

Shiri, International Manager

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