The 12 Tips of Christmas

The 12 Tips of Christmas

1. Be Prepared: This goes for every day of the year in my book, but so important at this time of year. Make sure you eat every 2.5 – 4 hours, have healthy snacks to hand, plenty of water and never go to a party or gathering hungry (a recipe for disaster)!


2. Keep Moving: Don’t use this busy time of year as an excuse to become sedentary. If you can’t get time to make it to the gym or the gym opening times don’t suit, it’s very easy to plan a bodyweight session. Walk, run, skip, jump or dance, anything…just move and burn off any additional calories you’ve consumed.


3. How is as important as What: There are so many ways to cook and eat foods. Ensure you either use spray oil or measures with tablespoons, never just pour freely! Do not fry anything; grill, boil, bake, griddle, anything but fry. If you have a steamer then use it for all your veg, if you don’t have one ask for one for Christmas and go into 2014 with a new healthy eating kitchen toy.


4. Make Wise Decisions: When faced with a buffet or table of food, which you didn’t have a hand in preparing, assess each dish before you choose what to put on your plate. Anything with color and freshly prepared pile it high. Anything with pastry, sauce, cheese, cream, white refined carbs…don’t deny yourself everything but keep it low.


5. Beware of Alcohol: Alcohol contains lots of calories and when you’ve had one too many, it definitely limits your inhibitions and your nutrition plan goes straight out of the window. A small glass of wine is one of the most diet friendly drinks you could choose, but remember to limit the amount you consume.


6. Controlled Contribution: If you are going to a dinner party, take a couple of homemade low calorie dishes with you and eat that food only. By doing this you will know what you are eating is calorie controlled, natural & nutritious and you are contributing to the party.


7. You can always say No: You may be with a sweet tooth that likes to please everyone, except yourself. Even if you’re not, it’s important to know that it’s ok to say no when being offered something that you know is going to harm your health goals. Everyone else is important but you need to take care of your own needs first.


8. Party Time: As this is the party season, a time for enjoyment and letting loose. At every given opportunity I highly recommend that you dance, tear up that floor because dancing burns over 250 calories an hour.


9. Take Note: It’s important that at this time of year you really listen to your body. Some people eat and drink to the point of feeling ill. You need to ensure you stay well hydrated and notice when you’re full and then stop eating.


10. Balance: If you’re going out for dinner have a lighter lunch to keep down the calories and enjoy more food in the evening, but never do this b y skipping breakfast. If you’ve been out for a meal at lunch, have something lighter in the evening.


11. Don’t Allow Temptation In: Unless you’re presented with raw vegetables, salad sticks and hummus as an appetiser then say no! Say no to the bread rolls that are brought out or the basket of nachos and chips, if the rest of your party wants to eat them, make sure they are placed at the opposite end of the table, so there’s no temptation in front of you.


12. Care Enough: This list is a guide to help you stay healthy, on track and keep the calories lower than usual at this time of year. This aside, relax and enjoy yourself but with love and respect for your beautiful body, eat and drink consciously and you’ll twirl into 2014 with a great start to the year instead of a great amount of body fat on your rear.