Acupuncture is a Painless and Non – Invasive insertion of fine needles by our specialists

Chinese Acupuncture is highly effective treatment for conditions such as headaches, work -related stress, acute or chronic injuries. Acupuncture can be used to decrease / relieve pain, reduce inflammation, improve performance, and encourage natural healing.

Triggerpoint are highly irritable and localised areas within your muscles. Muscles can refer pain to other areas in the body.
The purpose of using Acupuncture is to sedate these trigger points and the pain they cause

Acupuncture Benefits
•    Acute / Chronic Pains : strains, sprains, osteoarthritis
•    Nerve Referred Pain : sciatica / disc herniation pain
•    Sports Related Injuries:  including allergies
•    Headaches : migraines or tension type headaches
•    Frozen Shoulder Impingement
•    Gluteal Tightness : buttocks / piriformis tightness

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