Benefits of KettleBells Training

Benefits of Kettlebell Training

Dating back over 100 years Kettlebells first started being used as a form of weight training by strongmen, weightlifters and wrestlers. In the late 1940’s it became a competitive sport in Russia and has progressed from there.


Russian athletes have been using kettlebells for centuries. As an example the 1980 Russian track and field team trained with kettlebells and swept gold in all the throwing events. Various institutions and top sports scientists have conducted a wide range of studies, with the general consensus being that the kettlebell is the single most effective training tool for developing strength and endurance.


Although kettlebells develop strength, a kettlebell-trained body is far from bulky. By encouraging the body to work as one integrated unit, kettlebell training differs from traditional weight training routines due to the fact it incorporates a series of dynamic, whole body, multi-directional moves which combine to provide the ultimate fat-blasting, functional workout in less time than that of conventional methods.


They are simply unrivalled as a training tool, due to their ability to simultaneously develop strength, flexibility, stability, endurance and cardiovascular capacity. This has led to extensive celebrity endorsement, as well as utilisation by a wide array of top-flight sports teams, martial artists and military personnel.


The U.S and Russian Military and Special Forces, the Australian SAS, Fire Departments, top Olympic athletes and boxers, as well as professional sporting teams currently use Kettlebells, as the training tool of choice for producing unmatched results.


Our Instructor

My name is Steve Dawson, and I’m Manchester’s No.1 Certified Kettlebell Trainer. I want to share the knowledge and experience I have gained throughout my years as a trainer and coach to help you achieve your goals.

Whether you’re a beginner or an elite athlete you can become leaner, stronger, fitter and healthier by supplementing your training with kettlebells.


I specialise in using kettlebells in one-to-one or small group training sessions for the purpose of improving strength endurance and reducing fat. I am also known for my coaching ability within Girevoy Sport and run my own successful club; Manchester Kettlebell Club.


I draw my inspiration from an extensive and diverse background, from my years as a national standard swimmer through to competing in my love of Girevoy Sport. Throughout my development as a trainer and coach I continue to research and implement the most effective training methods, constantly improving my skills and abilities to benefit, teach and motivate. I travel the globe competing and learning all I can, but I don’t keep this knowledge to myself. I pass all I can onto my clients and class participants. But whilst every client/athlete is unique, a common theme always presents itself; an unparalleled intensity and precise attention to detail.


Like a lot of people I’m extremely busy and always short of time, so I need my workouts to be quick, effective and adaptive to my own hectic lifestyle of juggling a business with home-life, whilst still achieving the results I set myself. Whatever I do, I want to be at my best and being active, fit and functionally strong enables me to live the lifestyle that suits me best. I want to exceed my own expectations and want you to do the same!


Are you interested in learning something new? Then all I ask is that you are serious about getting the results and changing your lifestyle for the better.