Blitz Packages

Last Minute Holiday Blitz

An intense 2-week program, aimed at giving clients the best results possible in just 14 days. Program will consist of 10 sessions over the 14-day period. Combining this short intense workout period, with an educated nutritional overhaul, will give clients the best possible results within this short timescale.


Our Jump-Start package is aimed at giving our clients a nudge in the right direction. With our guidance clients will be taught practical, functional and effective training techniques, something we like to call ‘educated effort’. Jump-Start is a 4-week program based on 3 sessions a week with a nutritional overhaul, ensuring clients not only develop the practical knowledge for exercise but also have the understanding to ensure success upon completion of the program.

Bride to be

Want to get in to shape for your wedding? Obviously the earlier you begin your program with your personal trainer the easier it will be to get the results you want, however if you only have a month to your wedding don’t think it’s too late to begin and make a huge difference before your big day. Why not take on our program together with your bridesmaids or fiance?

Groom to be

Want to trim down or improve your physique for that big day?  It’s becoming more and more popular for grooms to look towards personal trainers for the advice and guidance required to achieve their desired look. As well as giving you the skills and guidance to achieve your goals, we will motivate you throughout your individually tailored program, maximizing results! Why not take on our program together with your best man or fiance?

Force Fitness

Want to make a big impression and get in shape for your journey in to the forces? Using both individual and group sessions, we will help you develop the individual focus, determination, teamwork, communication and mental toughness required.

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