Lose Weight at Work

“My job seems to make it impossible for me to keep off the pounds. What at work strategies can help me lose weight?” – Barry T, Alabama

If you’re looking for advice on how to shed pounds at work, the devil is in the details, says nutritionist Dr. Mike Roussell. After all, most people don’t realize the small decisions they make that can either help them burn more calories, or pack on stealthy extra pounds. Roussell crafted 3 simple tips to help you prevent your job from becoming a gateway to overeating. And if you’re looking for more great nutrition tips from Dr. Roussell, post your questions in comments section below or check out his Facebook page for his free cookbook, The 7 Healthiest Meals Ever Created.

Take Conference Calls Standing

Sitting eight hours a day at work is a metabolic death sentence that burns as little as 25 calories per hour. Bump up your calorie burn by taking phone calls standing (pacing is even better). By just standing you can burn up to 75 more calories per hour. If you are on conference calls or phone meetings as little as 45 minutes each day and you stand instead sit, you’ll burn an extra  280 calories per week – the calorie equivalent of running an two and three quarter miles per week.

Bring a Satiety Shake Work

Food found around the office is horrible. From the refined carbohydrates in the vending machines to the doughnuts in the break room, to the chocolate and candy bowl by the receptionist – it is a nutritional landmine for anyone trying to lose weight. Instead of letting hunger get the best of you pack a Satiety Shake in your bag before you leave the house. In a blender combine chia seeds, protein powder, walnuts, blueberries, water, and a couple ice cubes. Blend it up, put it in a shaker or Rubermaid Chug bottle and bring it to work with you. The chia seeds contain fiber, which helps slow how fast you digest food, making you feel fuller longer. The protein powder and fats from the walnuts will also increase your feeling of fullness. Blueberries contain low impact carbohydrates, which keep your blood sugar controlled providing you long lasting energy—without gaining fat. An added benefit of blueberries is that their antioxidants have been shown to improve mood.

Don’t Eat at your Desk

When it is time to eat, just eat. Multi-tasking while eating will cause you to eat more and leave you less satisfied once you get back to work. A study recently published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition showed that when study participants used a computer while eating they did not feel as full following their meal. In addition, when offered a snack 45 minutes later, they ate more calories than the people who didn’t play on their computers while eating lunch. The lesson: Turn off your monitor or, even better, get away from you desk so that you can enjoy your lunch without multi-taking distractions. You’ll feel more satisfied and you’ll be less likely to have a mid-afternoon urge to devour the bowl of chocolates at the receptionist’s desk.