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Personal training is about much more than having someone next to you in the gym. Personal training is essentially about motivation, achieving results and achieving them on schedule.

Here at Core Conditioning we understand this and offer much more, including guidance through the whole of your specific training and fitness development both inside and outside of our private studio. Also offering diet and lifestyle support as this is essential in ensuring you are in the best position to reach and exceed your individual goals.

Our personal training takes place in the heart of Manchester City Centre, based in our private fitness and rehabilitation studio with qualified personal trainers and sport rehabilitators. Our private studio ensures that clients receive a one-on-one, individual and specific training sessions tailored to your individual requirements.

Following your initial needs analysis an individual program will be designed to meet your specific requirements to reach and surpass your goals.

Programs are designed to be both physically and mentally challenging by using a wide variety of techniques and modalities, while keeping the structured exercise fun yet challenging.

For further information and to get started on your new life please contact us.

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