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Marathon Training

Running a marathon is a huge challenge, both mentally as well as physically, getting to the start line can be the hardest part. With the correct analysis, training and coaching you can become a much more efficient runner. Improving running efficiency dramatically reduces the risk of injury and also leads to the increase in enjoyment.

Poor technique, mobility and lack of functional strength leads to over 60% of runners picking up injuries each year. With our guidance, knowledge and ability to respond to your specific requirements, together we can improve your functionality, efficiency and overall running performance.

Triathlon Club

Triathlons are one of the toughest events an athlete can undertake, with an Ironman triathlon being the ultimate for many athletes. Bearing this in mind you deserve the personal attention and expert training that the worlds best athletes receive. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or are considering participating in your first event, our functional, specific training and nutritional program will improve your efficiency and performance in every discipline.

Ski Club

Have a ski holiday planned or fed up of those aches and pains every time you hit the slopes? Our Ski Club package can help you make the most of your time on the slopes.

With our guidance through functional and specific exercise you can develop correct technique, specific muscular endurance and core stability. The development of these skills will lead to a reduction in muscle soreness, leaving you free to enjoy your limited time on the slopes.

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