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Personal Training, Physiotherapy, Acupuncture, Pilates and Sports Massage located in the heart of Manchester city centre

Our highly qualified staff provide individually tailored personal training, physiotherapy, sports massage and rehabilitation programs enabling you to gain the most from your sessions, to maximise results and return to full fitness and activity levels as quickly and safely as possible.

Core Personal Training are a freelance personal training service based in the heart of Manchester City centre, we pride ourselves on our clients receiving a premium service from our completely private health and fitness studios.

The fulfillment we feel from helping someone not only achieve, but surpass their goals, regardless of whether you are an elite athlete or a casual gym user is what continually drives us forward.

We genuinely believe that anyone can have a positive effect upon their lifestyle if they put their mind to it. We have the ability to motivate you and our trainers have the dedication to help you surpass your goals. Personal training is not just our profession it’s our passion; this ensures that every person who enters our premises leaves a healthier, happier and more confident individual.

Our trainers and practitioners are available to everyone, individuals looking to reap the benefits themselves or multinational companies  looking to offer benefits to employees, while also benefitting from increased employee productivity, motivation levels and a reduction in absenteeism.

Our website demonstrates our ability to understand the varied needs and requirements of our client’s. If your still unsure about our passion to dedicate, motivate and hold nothing back for you to achieve your goals then ‘come meet us’ and you will be left with no doubt.

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I look forward to every session, which is varied and challenging. Mike is a great motivator and really helps in getting the most out of each exercise. A must for all.

S. McKenzie

I wouldn’t have been able to progress the way I have without Mike’s dedication and support. He helps create a programme to suit your needs and end goal, adapting it as you progress, or as your needs or goals change. With this help, I have reached my own goal of a size 14 and this, added to previous weight loss, means I’ve lost over 10 stone in total and six dress sizes. His encouragement has helped me discover a love of running I never would have thought existed and his continued commitment means that I know he’ll help me reach my full potential.

Charlotte Hooson-Sykes

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